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When you travel on horseback, you need an adequate travel and health insurance that covers you specifically for the type of ride you have chosen. Since, we ask to all the riders to be covered by repatriation insurance, you will be asked to give us details of this when booking with Ride in France.

Total trip / pers.

Price of insurance / pers.

0 - 400 €
24 €
401 - 1000 €
39 €
1001 - 1500 €
49 €
1501 - 2000 €
59 €
2001 - 2500 €
79 €
2501 - 3000 €
99 €
3001 - 3500 €
109 €
3501 € and more
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*Cancellation insurance only covers cancellation due to illness, death of a family member, professional unforeseen difficulty, ... It doesn't cover you if you cancel just because you don't want to go anymore.

IMPORTANT : People who have been living for more than 6 months in Europe / Switzerland only, can subscribe to our insurance. For other people, you'll have to send us your own repatriation insurance details.

Many insurance companies routinely exclude horse riding and charge an excess to cover this kind of activity. Please, check any policy with the issuers. For European people : You maybe already have your own repatriation insurance (via certain credit card, for example). In that case, after checking your insurance covers horse riding activities in the required country, please advise us at the booking time about your insurance details (name of the company, contract number and emergency phone number).

Our insurance is specialized in horse riding activities in foreign countries. Thus, our cancellation insurance will cover you if you are not able to ride (cracked rib, pregnancy...) even if your health issue doesn't force you to take a leave from work. Most of the classical insurances don't cover these risks, ask fore information !

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.







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