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ABOUT US... The Team

France is our country, horses are our passion !

In 1998, Sabine and Thomas Grataloup created Absolu Voyages, a French travel agency dedicated to nature and traditions discovery tours, and horse riding tours all over the world through the brand Randocheval.

As a brand of ABSOLU VOYAGES, Ride in France is the result of their passion for travel and horses, which urged them to start this adventure more than 10 years ago, since they have been riding in France for more than 30 years... We have been riding worldwilde, and now, with Ride in France, we want to enable riders from all over the world to discover the rich landscapes, riding culture and... French cuisine !!!

Both live their daily life with horses, because they are the owners of Ourique and Sueño, Iberian horses living in a large meadow in the countryside, 30 km South of Lyon. They added a new member to their cavalry recently, with their children's pony, Tito!

Sabine has been elected as a member of the Federal Directing Comittee of the French Equestrian Federation. We welcomed this election as an acknowledgment of the efforts and the success of Ride in France in the promotion of horse riding tours in France.

Our company is now the n°1 in riding tours for French riders all over the world, and we won the "Challenge du Nouvel Entrepreneur du Tourisme" (Prize for new Entrepreneurs in Tourism) in 1999. This prize is very important for us, as it is delivered by the APS, the organism which provides financial guaranty for travel agencies in France.

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Randocheval is affiliated to the French Equestrian Federation.

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