Horse riding tours and equestrian holidays in France

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Why choose us for your equestrian holidays in France?


1. Experts in horse riding tours AND experts in France!

French riders trying and trusting horse riding tours in France, it means everything!

Sabine, Thomas and the Ride in France team are all riders and horse lovers, specialized in horse riding trails.

Through Randocheval, we have been riding all over the world, as we are the leading equestrian travel agency in France. Randocheval offers equestrian holidays in more than 50 countries.

We even have our own local agency in Mongolia: Mongolia Travel & Tours!

Of course, we started our world horseback tour in our homeland - France - and that's why we decided to share our knowledge of France and horse riding holidays with all the riders who want to ride in France...


2. Choice and quality

Ride in France offers a top selection of the best rides in France. Since 1998, we have tried dozens of rides all around France, to select only the best of them.

We offer a unique choice of more than 30 horse riding holidays, to suit all your dreams!


3. Service

6 days a week, our 9 riding holidays experts are here to help you.

As they have experienced most of our rides, they will be able to answer precisely to your questions.

They will help you to choose the right ride for you, check the availability and book everything you need, including extra nights or transfers.


4. Price

When you book through Ride in France, you are sure to get the best price value.

You will pay exactly the same price as if you had booked directly with a local guide, nothing is added for our service, selection and guarantees, thanks to strong partnerships with the best French riding guides for years.


5. 100% financial Safety

Unlimited Financial Guarantee for your payments

When you book your ride through Ride in France, you can be 100% sure not to loose the money you have invested to pay for your horse riding tour!

The French Law requires all French travel agents to have a financial guarantee for their customers.

Ride in France (Absolu Voyages) has a total and unlimited financial guarantee of your payments by APST, the French Professional association in charge of these guarantees.

This means that in case of financial problems, APS would either provide the ride and services you have booked through us, or totally refund the amounts you have paid.

No need to say that APST is very cautious about the financial health of the agencies it is guarantying and our accounts are checked carefully every year!


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The strongest consumer protection laws in the world!

The French Laws ruling the activity of travel agencies are totally dedicated to consumer protection.

They are said to be the strongest consumer protection laws in the world regarding travels.

The key points of this consumer protection are: