Horse riding tours and equestrian holidays in France

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Equestrian holidays in France for NOVICE RIDERS

If you had a look on our website and are now dreaming of riding in the wild, but have never ridden a horse or just once or twice in your lifetime...

If you used to ride years ago, and were actually a confident rider, but life happened, and you are beginning to think how good it would feel to be in saddle again, in a nice setting...

If you just began learning how to ride a few weeks / months ago, and you are not sure you are able to follow an itinerant riding tour with a group of advanced riders...

Don't worry, we can find the perfect ride for you!

Click on the region you are looking for on the map on the right or check our rides below!

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Allier

Ride in Allier

Enjoy a relaxing stay in a castle, surrounded by horses. Novice riders can have a few riding lessons before riding outdoors. At night, you will appreciate the comfort of a luxurious accommodation.

Ride in Alsace

Come to escape on a week-end or a week with family and friends on our special hikes open to beginners and experienced riders.

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Poitou

Ride in Corrèze

The department of Corrèze is the ideal place for beautiful horse rides in the middle of a preserved nature. The region abounds in unique and protected natural sites. On horseback, from lakes to waterfalls, from plains to forests, a thousand paths cross what looks like a thousand-year-old landscape.








RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Mont Saint Michel Bay

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Normandy

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Poitou

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Medoc vineyards and castles

RIDE IN FRANCE - Cycling in Auvergne

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in lavender fields of Provence

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Alpilles