Horse riding tours and equestrian holidays in France

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If you think that comfortable lodging is one of the keys to a successful horse riding tour, here you are ! We have selected some of the most comfortable horse riding tours in France, which will also allow you to appreciate the lifestyle and the local traditions.

After five or six hours in the saddle, you will enjoy a good rest in a comfortable bedroom, in some places, a swimming pool and other relaxing activities are available...

At Ride in France, we believe that the real Luxury is riding in inspiring landscapes, meeting winegrowers who will share their experience - and their wine - with you, dining and sleeping in a charming private castle... That's why we always try to offer opportunities to step beyond the narrow paths of touristic circuits to feel the real pulse of France.


During this riding tour from castle to castle in the Loire Valley, you will enjoy comfortable accommodations, fine gastronomy and wines and be close to the Renaissance ambiance felt in the castles you will visit, from Chemery to Chambord...

RIDE IN FRANCE - Stay in a castle in Allier

For riding holidays in Allier, you will stay in a castle. Every of the 16 comfortable guestrooms contains complete modern bathrooms, tasteful decoration and antique furnishings of the period. A swimming pool, spa and hammam are also available for relaxation as well as many other activities.

RIDE IN FRANCE - Stay in a castle in Allier

During this ride in Bordeaux Area, you will discover the vineyards of Bordeaux vineyards and go from one wine-producing estate to the other, staying in private castles on your way.

Durin your stay in the comfortable Mas in Lot, you will ride in this beautiful region and discover the surrundings (medieval villages, natural sites...).

RIDE IN FRANCE - Stay in a castle in Allier








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RIDE IN FRANCE - Guesthouse in the Loire Valley


RIDE IN FRANCE - Room in the castle in Allier


RIDE IN FRANCE - Wine tasting in Bordeaux