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Weekend on Horseback in Sarthe

Between long sand paths favorable for long cantering and bocage paths, you will enjoy the experienced guide and the quality of our horse. Our program will make you discover an amazing heritage, and will allow you to wander along the Loir and to taste Sarthe specialties...

The meeting point is at the equestrian centre at 9:30am to have a first contact and to saddle our horses. In the evening after the riding day, you will have to look after your horse: grooming, saddling, unsaddling, feeding and showering. On the last day, each rider leave individually after 5:30pm.

Every riding day may be modified depending on the weather, the level of the riders... However, we can provide you with provisional indicative itineraries upon request.

Our different riding excursions:

  • The Loudon Wood

Located in the municipality of Parigné l'Evêque, this beautiful forest massif is a «small heaven» for outdoor riders. It is made up of a huge variety of environments: ponds hosting a lot of bird species, peaty zones, humid and dried moors, lawns, plantations... The wide range of pines is crossed by huge and beautiful sand paths pleasant for outdoor riders. While we are focusing on the splendid colors of brooms and moors, the watercourses refresh our horses...

  • Saint-Mars-d'Outillé

Today, you will discover the Sarthe countryside, full of woods and sunken paths, nice houses and small farms. In the south, the first Tuffeau stones (local stones) on the houses’ walls tell us we are close to the wine cellars dug in the limestone rock...

  • Brette les pins

The south west of Sarthe is full of paths, offering more than 3 000 kms itineraries perfect for the riding trail: sunken, sandy and grassy paths, where the leafy woods and the Sarthe bocage, full of architectural heritage made up of nice houses, fauna and flora interest zones, a state-owned forest, vineyards and watercourses replace the pine forests… Thus, the riders can enjoy a huge diversity of landscapes and terroirs during their riding day.

  • The Epau Abbey

Today, we start riding at the old Mans’ gates. The starting point is the Epau Abbey classified as an historical monument. It is one of the most beautiful examples of the Cistercian architecture in France. Riding through the huge sandy paths in the Roman road, we can enjoy long cantering leading us to the Loudon ponds.

A la carte departures from July 1st to September 30th

Horseback weekend in Sarthe - 2024
2 days / 1 night / 2 days riding 325 € available > book now
3 days / 2 nights / 3 days riding 500 € available > book now
4 days / 3 nights / 4 days riding 685 € available > book now


Option - 2024
Additional night, breakfast included. Payment on site
33 €



- The riding tour as described above on a full board basis
- The drinks
- The guarantee of funds deposited in Ride in France (see "why ride with us ?")
- Protection of the French Law for travel consumers who book through French travel agencies (see "why ride with us ?")


Not included:

- Transfers from/to Le Mans TGV train station (15 € /person) to be paid on the spot
- Registration fees of 15 € per person
- Personal expenses
- Eventual extra nights
- The itinerancy option
- The organization of another tour before or after the riding tour
- Any other service
- Optional insurance : More information





Our horses and required riding ability


The horses are almost all Appaloosa horse breed, chosen for their physical and mental ability and particularly adapted to trail. Their calm and their generosity will satisfy every riders, their comfortable gaits will allow you to appreciate the kms riding…

Trail saddles with bags included.

Recommended riding ability
We want riders who feel at ease outdoor at the three gaits. You need to manage your horse when cantering in open spaces and to have a good physical condition to be able to ride during 5 or 6 hours a day (From 30 to 40 kms a day)... and for several days! There is no difficulty in this itinerary. However, you may have to walk a bit when path is not so suitable for riding.

Good to know
Minors from 12 years old are accepted if accompanied by an adult.
Maximum weight: 90kg

The local team

Elisabeth, fond of riding and trailing, lives in Sarthe since 2014 and organizes riding tours for riders to discover the region.

A logistic person will always quickly intervene to answer your needs, as well as your riding guide.

At the equestrian center, you will spend the night in a guesthouse which was formerly a traditional small farm (a 4 persons bedroom and a 3 persons bedroom). From your bedroom window, you can see your horse in the field and enjoy this relaxing countryside.

For lunch, we have a picnic we carry riding. We have dinner in a guest table or in a restaurant nearby the guesthouse.

Languages spoken by the guide: English, French.

Group size: Guarantee departure from 1 riders with a maximum of 5.

Arrival airport / train station:

Meeting point at the equestrian centre at 9am.
Transfers are possible from Le Mans TGV train station. When you arrive at the train station the day before the start of the riding tour, your transfer is organized depending on your arrival time. Plan a train leaving on the last day after 7pm30.

The extra charge is about 15 € / person for the round-trip.

It is possible to book for an added night the day before the start of the riding tour 33 € / person (without any meals). Find details for the booking attached in your travel book.

Extend your stay
We suggest you to enjoy your stay in the region and discover it in a new way. Before or after your riding tour, we invite you to discover Sarthe from the medieval city to Le Mans, full of history and art, as well as, small towns full of spirit. Don’t forget the "Normandy Maine" natural regional park, with its owned-state forest, its zoo, its vineyard road or the boat navigation on the river.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any project!

Our riding consultant's report

It is a perfect tonic riding tour for riders who want to combine a riding tour in countryside full of diversity and the discovery of an astonishing terroir.

Riding guest reviews

"A really warm welcome, adorable and voluntary horses, in a really comfortable environment, for 2 days of riding with happiness. Elisabeth et Thierry were able to adapt the riding days to take the heatwave into account and to enjoy as much as possible given the circumstances. Congratulations to them!" - Sophie G. (2019)

"This region is suitable for a riding tour. It has about 300 Km of paths, deep forests and wide paths, which allow long cantering. Elisabeth and her husband are lovely. They really take care of their horses and riders, and it is one of the few places where you can ride Appaloosa horse breed. These horses are kind, calm, have good paces, and are robust and enduring. They are also very comfortable, and adapted to trail." Philippe H. (2017)

Why you will love this trail

From 325 €

Weekends - For families

2 to 4 days / 1 to 3 nights - 2 to 4 days riding

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